HONEY TRAP / Touch Proof Eyebrow - 4g


AED 210
01 Dark Brown
02 Soft Brown
AED 210
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Tattoo eyebrow provides strong tattoo effect and expresses natural eyebrow with the combination of thick marker pen and thin brush pen. * Dual pen type Difficult to draw eyebrow with one kind of pen? Now, draw fast and easily with the Dual eyebrow pen! * 2 Thicknesses Contour with the thin brush pen and fill in with the thick Marker Pen to express natural eyebrows! * Appropriate tense feel of Brush Pen The tense feel of the Brush Pen tip is perfect for expressing the contour of the brow and each brow hair texture!

How to use

1. After washing the face at night, while skin is free of oil and moisture, draw an eyebrow outline with the brush pen.
2. Fill in the outline with the marker pen. (After about 8 hours, it tans your eyebrow skin, so you can find your ideal shape brow even after cleansing.)


-01 Dark Brown
-02 Soft Brown