Huksamsoo / Black Ginseng Eye Cream - 20ml


AED 893
AED 893
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Special care for delicate skin around eyes 1. Recovering tired skin with black ginseng steamed 9 times and dried 9 times Elaborately processed black ginseng steamed 9 times and dried 9 times gently nourishes sensitive, delicate and easy-to-wrinkle skin around eyes to keep it smooth and elastic.
2. Anti-wrinkle & whitening effects Improves wrinkles, age spots, blemishes and dull, dark skin t ne, keeping it elastic and clear.
3. Paraben-free, alcohol-free, artificial color-free, mineral oil-free As parabens, alcohol, artificial colors and mineral oil that can cause irritation are not contained, this low-irritant toner can be safely used for sensitive skin

How to use

Apply a proper amount of the eye cream massaging eye contour areas with fingertip.