INNISFREE / My Hair Recipe Shampoo - 330ml


AED 78
Moisturizing (Dry Hair)
Anti Dandruff (Dandruff Scalp)
Calming (Dry Scalp)
Refreshing (Oily Scalp)
Repairing (Damaged Hair)
Strength (Weak Hair Roots)
AED 78
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-Moisturizing (Dry Hair) : A moisturizing and glowing recipe that provides moisture and nutrients to dry hair. A natural-derived surfactant shampoo.
-Repairing (Damaged Hair) : A healthy, rich recipe to deliver concentrated nutrition to damaged hair.
-Color Care (Dyed Hair) : A mild recipe that is a non-sulfated surfactant shampoo that alleviates excessive dripping and fading of dyed hair.
-Curl Up (Permed & Curly Hair) : Protein recipe for curly hair, elastic wave and rich volume of natural derived surfactant shampoo.
-Calming (Dry Scalp) : A moist and refreshing recipe, this silicone-free shampoo provides dryness and itchiness to the scalp.
-Refreshing (Oily Scalp) : Silicone shampoo that deep cleanses your oily scalp with a cool, refreshing recipe.
-Anti Dandruff (Dandruff Scalp) : A clean, clean recipe for dandruff Silicone shampoo that effectively treats keratin and dandruff on scalp.
-Strength (Weak Hair Roots) : A healthy, lively recipe, Silicone Shampoo helps strengthen scalp scalp with weakened hair.

How to use

Put an appropriate amount of shampoo foam into your hands and massage it into your scalp to create a rich lather. Rinse well to thoroughly remove product residue.


-Moisturizing (Dry Hair)
-Repairing (Damaged Hair)
-Color Care (Dyed Hair)
-Curl Up (Permed & Curly Hair)
-Calming (Dry Scalp)
-Refreshing (Oily Scalp)
-Anti Dandruff (Dandruff Scalp)
-Strength (Weak Hair Roots)