IOPE / Color Fit Lipstick - 3.2g


AED 212
No.11 Dreaming Beige
No.12 Mocha Beige
No.13 Orange Sunset
No.14 Angel Orange
No.15 Dazzling Coral
No.16 Coral Blossom
No.17 Cherry Blossom
No.18 Classic Red
No.19 Glam Rose
No.20 Blush Pink
No.21 Pucia Tint
No.22 Magenta Pink
No.23 Violet Pink
No.24 Spring Coral
No.25 Sensual Rose
No.26 Rose Brown
No.27 Cloud Pink
No.28 Pink Shimmer
No.29 Metallic Rose
No.30 Orchid Purple
AED 212
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Effectively whisk away dirt & excessive oil and make-up, Innisfree the Minimum Facial Cleanser For Sensitive Skin leave your skin cleaned and, more importantly, at the same time, hydrated.
The texture of this cleanser is very fresh and lightweight, gliding very smoothly on your face.
Preservative free.
Rest assured to apply it on your delicate face.

How to use

Pump some cleanser on your palm and lather it up with water.
Massage it thoroughly on your face before rinsing it.