IOPE / Color Fit Lipstick - 3.2g


AED 241
12 Mocha Beige
13 Orange Sunset
14 Angel Orange
15 Dazzling Coral
16 Coral Blossom
17 Cherry Blossom
18 Classic Red
19 Glam Rose
20 Blush Pink
21 Pucia Tint
22 Magenta Pink
23 Violet Pink
24 Spring Coral
25 Sensual Rose
26 Rose Brown
27 Cloud Pink
28 Pink Shimmer
29 Metallic Rose
AED 241
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1. High-intensity shades, created with the Rich color technology.
2. Lips look beautifully shaped, sculpted and curvaceous.
3. Glides on effortlessly and covers lips evenly.
4. Sweet floral orchid fragrance

How to use

1. Smoothen lip texture Prep lips with a moisturizing lip balm to perfect long-lasting and vivid lipstick colors.
2. For richer colors, additionally apply lip tint on top of the lipstick layer. For long-lasting and vivid colors, apply lip tint once again on top of the lipstick layer.
3. For enhanced gloss, contour and shape the lips with a lip brush. For smoother, more radiant, and curvaceous lips, apply lipstick using a lip brush.
4. For longer-lasting colors, additionally apply a shadow. For longer-lasting colors, lightly apply color powder shadow of a color similar to the lipstick to a lip brush, and adjust the amount on the back of the hand. Additionally apply onto lips.


-11 Dreaming Beige
-12 Mocha Beige
-13 Orange Sunset
-14 Angel Orange
-15 Dazzling Coral
-16 Coral Blossom
-17 Cherry Blossom
-18 Classic Red
-19 Glam Rose
-20 Blush Pink
-21 Pucia Tint
-22 Magenta Pink
-23 Violet Pink
-24 Spring Coral
-25 Sensual Rose
-26 Rose Brown
-27 Cloud Pink
-28 Pink Shimmer
-29 Metallic Rose
-30 Orchid Purple