IOPE / Perfection Mascara - 5ml


AED 250
AED 250
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1. Versatile Slim Mini-Brush The versatile slim mini-brush curls up short and uneven eyelashes from their roots.
2. Enhanced Curling, Long Lash and Volume 120-degree of curling, clump-free string polymer compounds creates daringly full, sensuously curved and seductive lashes. The slim mini-brush is also perfectly designed for bottom lashes for a more dramatic look.
3. Sweat Proof Mascara The transparent film coats every eyelash and prevents smudging from sweat and sebum.
4. Ultimate Eye Comfort The lighter-than-water texture comfortably covers eyelashes and can be easily removed by simply rinsing with lukewarm water. (Ophthalmologist tested)

How to use

Step 1 From roots to ends of eyelashes, move the mascara brush up in zigzag motions. Step2 Once the mascara formula has dried, use an eyelash curler to hold eyelash roots for about two seconds, and adjust the eyelash curler in a C-shape and slowly curl eyelashes. The lighter-than-water formula keeps eyelash curls in C-shape for long. Step 3 Using the slim mini-brush, apply the mascara up to the bottom lashes for a more dramatic look.