IOPE / Pro Peeling Moisture Essence - 100ml


AED 286
AED 286
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Night-only mild peeling essence that softly and effectively takes care of horny skin using three acids. Night-only mild peeling essence : This is a night-only mild peeling essence that softly polishes horny skin over-night using three acids, which apply differently according to skin depth. Dual effect of water-soluble AHA and moisturizing ingredients. : All prodcuts of PRO FEELING contain water-soluble AHA which shows duel effect with moisturizing ingredients for a soft and moist finish. Plant-derived sugar maple extract. : AHA included in sugar maple offers softer peeling experience for skin. 4-Free formula. : This reliable peeling essence is free of artificial fragrance, synthetic pigment, mineral oil and triethanolamine.

How to use

After washing face and using softener in the evening, pump the content 2~3 times and spread out on face except around eyes and lips to let it absorb. When horny skin stands out on the skin surface, old horny skin can be polished by tapping with a cotton pad to make smoot and clear skin. This daily peeling essence is used every evening to softly polish horny skin.