IOPE / Super Vital Cream - 50ml


AED 893
AED 893
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Total anti-aging cream that takes perfect care of complex skin aging symptoms by adding strong energy of Pinus pumil. - Super Flavonoid TM* with strong antioxidant energy of Pinus pumil makes elastic skin by filling tired skin with vital energy and nutrients. - Anti-aging Bio-seletinoid TM with registered patent in 5 countries takes intensive care of skin dryness, dullness, fine wrinkles and poor elasticity to make it look taut and shiny. - Soft and moist form is quickly absorbed into skin with non-sticky and smooth finish.

How to use

Take about 0.5ml (size of a nickel) during Cream step. Softly spread out from inside of your face outward along skin texture and let it absorb.