It'S SKIN / Mask Sheet - 1pcs


AED 11
AED 11
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-Collagen Nutrition Collagen line provides elasticity & nutrition for your skin. It helps to get smooth and moisturized skin. The Nutrition Mask containing hydrolyzed collagen provides skin's natural elasticity to create dewy skin with a healthy glow.
-Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Hyaluronic acid line manages skin ideally moisturized hour after hour and focuses on leaving balanced and flawless skin. The Moisture Mask containing sodium hyaluronate provides intensive moisture with excellent water storage capabilities.
-Green Tea Watery Rich moisture green tea extract gives rough skin fresh and bright recharge to hydrated skin, giving rich moisture skin. Soft silky clear sheet fits gently with nude seal sheet.
-Aloe Relaxing Fresh moisture aloe extract gives dry skin cool moisture soothing care for comfort healthy skin care. Soft silky clear sheet fits gently with nude seal sheet.

How to use

1. After face wash use toner, place mask sheet onto face evenly.
2. Remove pack after 15~20 minutes, pat excess essence gently for absorption


-Collagen Nutrition
-Hyaluronic Acid Moisture
-Green Tea Watery
-Aloe Relaxing