J.ESTINA / Jewel Tension Lip Satin - 3.5g


AED 167
BE101 Sand Beige
CR102 Coral Apricot
CR103 Mellow Coral
OR104 Poppy Orange
OR105 Burnt Orange
PE124 Tiara J
PK111 Cedar Rose
PK112 Pale Pink
PK113 Pink Sherbet
PK114 Peach Delight
PK115 Dusty Pink
PK116 Azalea Pink
PK117 Sensuous Rose
PK118 Peony Pink
PK119 Orchid Pink
PK120 Pink Yarrow
PP121 Bodacious Purple
PP122 Queen’s Lilac
RD107 Vermilion Red
RD108 Union Red
RD109 Independent Red
RD110 Bloody Wine
AED 167
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High-gloss color satin that sticks to lips with vivid color and keeps for a long time.

How to use

Use right amount to apply gently on the lips.


-BE101 Sand Beige
-CR102 Coral Apricot
-CR103 Mellow Coral
-OR104 Poppy Orange
-OR105 Burnt Orange
-PE124 Tiara J
-PK111 Cedar Rose
-PK112 Pale Pink
-PK113 Pink Sherbet
-PK114 Peach Delight
-PK115 Dusty Pink
-PK116 Azalea Pink
-PK117 Sensuous Rose
-PK118 Peony Pink
-PK119 Orchid Pink
-PK120 Pink Yarrow
-PP121 Bodacious Purple
-PP122 Queen's Lilac
-PP123 Dewberry
-RD106 Bittersweet Red
-RD107 Vermilion Red
-RD108 Union Red
-RD109 Independent Red
-RD110 Bloody Wine