JOYCOS / Revital Snail BB - 40ml


AED 339
AED 339
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Nourishing moisturizing BB cream for revitalized and lively skin with snail secretion filtrate 1. 35% snail secretion filtrate This BB cream contains 35% of nutrient-rich snail secretion filtrate and plant-based collagen peptides that make the skin moisturized, naturally shiny and healthy.
2. Enhanced skin care effects (anti-wrinkle and whitening actions) It improved dull skin tone, age spots, blemishes, fine lines and uneven skin surface and keeps the skin clean and elastic.
3. Natural healthy glow makeup It improves dull, dark skin and naturally adheres to the skin, leaving it looking healthy glow, radiant and lively.
4. Low-irritating formula for skin health Certified organic rose water and powder without containing talc, tar pigment and benzophenone make your feel more comfortable in your skin.

How to use

Apply p a proper amount of the product evenly to the skin.