JOYCOS / Revital Snail Cream - 50ml


AED 402
AED 402
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Special cream with snail ingredient for skin cell regeneration. 1. 70% of snail slime filtrate. Snail filtrate calms and soothes stressed skin, keeps rough surface of the skin smooth and regenerates skin cells.
2. Anti-wrinkle and whitening Improves dark, dull, lifeless skin tone and wrinkles to keep it splendid and elastic.
3. Continuous supply of moisture with hyaluronic acid Quick-penetrating, refreshing moisture gel can be used for all skin types and hyaluronic acid keeps the skin fully moisturized and revitalized.
4. Paraben, tar colors-free formula Low-irritation formula without paraben, tar colors keep the skin healthy and lively.

How to use

Apply p a proper amount of the product evenly to the skin.