KOELF / Hydrogel Mask Pack - 1pack (5pcs)


AED 74
Pearl & Shea Butter
Gold & Royal Jelly
Ruby & Bulgarian Rose
AED 74
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-Ruby & Bulgarian Rose : Bulgarian Rose full of vitamin, controls skin to be clear & moisturized.
-Pearl & Shea Butter : Shea Butter is extract of Karite fruit in Africa, it contains various nutrients make skin healthy and silky. It has powerful moisturizing effect, so perfect for healing rough and dry skin.
-Gold & Royal Jelly : Royal Jelly lift up your weak skin with full of energy. Royal Jelly is obtained from young bee's pharyngeal glands, and best meal for baby bee to be a queen as it is full of nutrients. With the rich nourishment, it is truly helpful for skin lifting smoothing.

How to use

Hydrogel type can be torn out by force during applying, please apply gentlyt. Duration of application : Normally apply for 15~20 mins Considering skin status, you can put it on until 30~40 mins


-Pearl & Shea Butter
-Ruby & Bulgarian Rose
-Gold & Royal Jelly