LANEIGE / Finger Graphic Liner - 3g


AED 211
02 Brown
03 Burgundy
04 Sequin Beige
AED 211
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Close-up Finger Eyeliner for a non-trembling, delicate and clear line. * Stable, sophisticated finger grip handle Provides an sophisticated, artistic touch by stably supporting the fingers. * Water & Sweat proof formula Expresses smudge-free eyelines that are resistant to water and sweat as the content sets immediately upon application. * Tension felt tip Expresses detailed, continuous, various thicknesses between eyelashes and along the waterline with the tension felt tip. * Eye irritation tests completed Expresses soft, safe eyelines without irritation even on the waterline and sensitive skin around the eyes.

How to use

1. Shake the product before use.
2. Put the index finger into the finger hole and place the inner side of the finger on the matte surface to hold.


-01 Black
-02 Brown
-03 Burgundy
-04 Sequin Beige