LANEIGE / Tattoo Lip Tint - 6g


AED 172
01 Popsicle Coral
02 Cheating Orange
03 Red Stiletto
04 Pingpong Pink
05 Pink Filter
06 Sleek Red
07 Acai Bowl Red
08 Sand Rose
09 Rose Prism
10 Berry Good
AED 172
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High-pigmented long lasting tint that feels almost weightless yet stays long just like a tattoo. * Tattoo-like long-lasting color effect High pigment and water tint provide tattoo-like strong coating. * Light, fast-fitting & satin finish Light texture expresses non-sticky, satin-smooth lip color that fits fast upon contact with the lips. * Upgraded highly pigment tinting effect Light touch of application provides a highly pigmented tinting effect with a coat of non-reflecting defining color. * "Lip Knife" applicator "Lip Knife" applicator that resembles the artist's painting knife provides flexible drawing for the line and surface of the lips. * Double Tattoo Painting effect One Tattoo Lip Tint provides 3-step coloring process all at once! 1. Water Tint Effect - Water Tattoo Strong pigment as if applying watercolor
2. Lipstick Effect - Oil Tattoo Highly pigmented oil as if applying oil paint
3. Top Coat Effect - Top Coating Long-lasting effect with light coating film

How to use

1. Use the top edge of the lip knife to draw and fill in the upper lips with a clean cupid's bow. Use both surfaces of the lip knife depending on the angle of the lip.
2. Use the larger surface of the lip knife to fill in the bottom lip softly.
3. Light yet vivid tattoo lip look complete! Hold the lip knife vertically to easily draw the lip lines, according to needs.


-01 Popsicle Coral
-02 Cheating Orange
-03 Red Stiletto
-04 Pingpong Pink
-05 Pink Filter
-06 Sleek Red
-07 Acai Bowl Red
-08 Sand Rose
-09 Rose Prism
-10 Berry Good