LANEIGE / Water Bank Quick Hydro Pen - 4ml


AED 78
AED 78
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▶ Green Mineral Water Hydro The Green Mineral Water Extracted rom kale, watercress and beetroot replenishes the skin with moisture all day long for a dewy look. ▶ Green Mineral Water Moisture The Green Mineral Water extracted from Brussels sprouts, artichokes and lima beans fortifies a damaged skin barrier and restores health to your complexion. ▶ Garden Cress Antioxidant rich garden cress keeps the skin clear and enhances its luminosity.

How to use

▶ It is a one-touch pen-type bottle. Click the button on the back 1 - 2 times to dispense an adequate amount of the content and apply over any dry areas. ▶ Carry this small and portable pen anywhere you go, and apply an extra layer anytime you feel dry on the eye or mouh areas. ▶ For a makeup touch-up, apply on the area where makeup is removed. It provides rich moisture on the area and primes your skin for a supple look.