LANEIGE / Water Glow Base Corrector - 35ml (SPF41 PA++)


AED 297
20 Rosy Pink
40 Light Purple
60 Light Green
AED 297
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[Color correcting – makeup base to have maturely brighten skin tone] Baby's skin looks clear and radiant because it has more bluish than adult skin. As we age, skin's bluish color starts to disappear, and the skin tone becomes uneven and looks dull. LANEIGE Water Glow's Baby Blue Boosting takes out skin's faded bluish color to correct dull, yellowish skin tone and to make skin look more beautiful by expressing clarity like that of baby's skin. Just as light becomes clearer when more is added, the glow lighting system of LANEIGE Water Glow Base Corrector helps skin become one of the light sources that emits light by itself and makes skin look even and clear.
-20 Rosy Pink: Gives pale skin a healthy complexion. Micro-prism particles provide the effect of scattering light; apply on areas that need a strobing effect.
-40 Light Purple: Makes dull, yellowish skin look bright.
-60 Light Green: Corrects reddish skin tone.

How to use

Base Corrector is the first step to expressing perfect skin. It provides a bright base by applying on skin before wearing makeup and keeps make up fresh for ling hours. Shake well before use, apply on the face starting from the center and working outward.


-20 Rosy Pink
-40 Light Purple
-60 Light Green