LANEIGE / White Dew Sherbet Cream - 50ml


AED 430
AED 430
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The moisturizing brightening cream soothes tired skin affected by sunlight with its sherbet texture and helps skin look bright and clear. - The moisturizing brightening cream with Saururus chinensis Extract helps skin look bright and clear as the sherbet-textured cream containing abundant moisture is absorbed into skin, leaving skin feeling moisturized. - the product has passed Hypoallergenic test and it provides a soft brightening effect. *The product contains nature-derived compounds, as a result of which its color may deviate.

How to use

Use for skincare in the morning and at night, at the cream step. Take an appropriate amount. Apply on the face starting from the inside and working outward in order of cheeks, foregead, nose, skin around the mouth and neck, and gently press skin to promote absorption into skin.