LINDSAY / Luxury Magic Mask (Cup) - 1pcs


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AED 54
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Lindsay Magic Mask Pack is a special care modeling mask pack used by mixing two dosage forms(liquid / powder set). High-quality nutritional ingredients are composed of the type of the powder and the liquid, and if you mix the two things, you can get the effect of the moisturizing and the elasticity which is superior to the general modeling mask pack. Gold - This product helps stimulated skin bright & lively due to containing 24K Gold component. Charcoal - This product makes skin smooth due to containing charocoal component which adjusts oil-water balance and adsorbs wastes. Aqua - This product helps skin moist & glossy and gives moisture and pore care to skin by containing seaweed extract & tea-tree.

How to use

1. After washing off your face, cleanse your skin by applying toner on cottone pad.
2. Put the step 1, 2 inside the rubber ball and mix them.
3. Apply on your face in oder of cheek-chin-forehead-nose, and make it thicker in the edges of you face.
4. After 25~30 minutes, peel off the mask and finish off with toner and then apply skin care products.


-Aqua (Tea Tree)