Mamonde / Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner - 150ml


AED 141
AED 141
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A moisturizing ampoule toner in the form of a moisture-enriched ampoule to replenish the dry skin every day. - Step 1: A fast-penetrating texture for instant moisture replenishment. - Step 2: Thorough moisturization. - Step 3: Moisture locking to capture moisture on the surface of skin. 1. Ampoule Texture Technology The transforming texture that instantly transforms from an ampoule into a toner.
2. Moisture of ampoule + penetration of toner Simply apply the toner to experience the care of ampoules.
3. Low-molecular hyaluronic acid Deeply replenishes the skin with low-molecular hyaluronic acids with small particles.

How to use

Pump an appropriate amount after washing face every morning and evening and smooth along the texture of skin.