Mamonde / Flower Lab Essence Mask - 1pcs


AED 12
Narcissus Hydrating
Calendula Soothing
Camellia Antiaging
Eoseongcho Porecare
Evening Primrose Nourishing
Hibiscus Deep Moisturizing
Honeysuckle Lifting
Pomegranate Lively
AED 12
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2,000ppm rose extract passed filter three times is efficiently absorbed into skin and makes skin healthy. This serum type essence gives moisture to skin. Light fit cell which is extracted from eucalyptus and other trees' pulp attaches on your skin tightly so it provides long lasting moisture.

How to use

STEP 1. Cleanse your face and dry it, then refine your skin texture with toner. STEP
2. Apply the mask on your face. STEP
3. After 10-20 minutes take off the mask and tap your face till the essence is fully absorbed.


-Narcissus Hydrating
-Magnolia Brightening
-Rose Moisturizing
-Camellia Antiaging
-Calendula Soothing
-Evening Primrose Nourishing
-Honeysuckle Lifting
-Pomegranate Lively
-Hibiscus Deep Moisturizing
-Eoseongcho Porecare