Mamonde / Triple Multi Cleansing Tissue Refill - 1pack (80pcs)


AED 78
AED 78
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Flower Iris stands for "eye of heaven" and is the name given to a goodness. "eye of heaven" means that each of us carries a bit of heaven in us. Because of its connection with the goodness 'iris', this plant is considered the symbol of communication and message. Mamonde research team has found, in addition to its well-known cleansing efficacy that Iris sebum controlling ability. Mamonde introduces four Iris cleansing products including all-time favorite cleansing foam, Iris Multi Cleansing Foam. This multi purpose cleansing foam removes makeup, sunscreen and dead skin cells at once and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and clean.

How to use

Gently wipe the face with a cleansing tissue. Make sure not to get the product in your eyes while wiping around the eyes. Please shut the lid completely after each use to prevent moisture from escaping.