Primera / Wild Seed Firming Eye Cream - 25ml


AED 491
AED 491
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Improves wrinkle diminish and skin elasticity simultaneously for firmer and moisturized eye areas. Wild-FirmingTM The core firming ingredient in the Wild Seed Firming Line that tends to the skin so that it is with firmness and solid with a concentration of flat beans containing firming resistance factors and good substances in germinated flat beans that are rich in amino acids. Wild-FirmingTM, the core ingredient containing beneficial substances found in flat beans and germinated flat beans generally improves the condition of the skin and makes it solid and robust. Phytosqualane that has been extracted from bean butter and plant ingredients provide moisturization and luster, making the area around the eyes moist. A texture that is dense yet that absorbs smoothly provides the feeling that the area around the eyes is being robustly fitted.

How to use

After using a serum in the mornings and evenings, apply gently as if patting on top of the eye lids and around the eyes.