RiRe / Luxe Volume Tint - 6ml


AED 48
No.01 Pleasure Pink
No.02 Love Tangerine
No.03 Milano Red
No.04 Modern Brick
No.05 Dry Rose
AED 48
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White clay mask to control sebum and brighten skin.
Bubble wash pack cleanser.
Remove sebum and impurities.
Moisture content 35% leave moisture after face wash.
5 Non(Paraben, Mineral oil, Artificial color, Artificial scent, Ethanol) * Steps to use 1.Primera Man Organience Purifying Cleanser 2.Primera Man Organience Treatment Water 3.Primera Man Organience Moisturizing Emulsion 4.Primera Man Organience Essential Cream

How to use

Wet your face with lukewarm water.
Make enough bubble with your hands.
When using this as clay pack, use this 1~2times a week on wet face.
(Wash off after 2~3 minutes with lukewarm water.)