SALE!!! Lador / Perfect Fill Up - 13ml (New)


AED 17
AED 17
Powerful solution to repair damaged hair for perfect nutrition and multifaceted Protein + Collagen + Ceramide + Silk amini acids highly enriched nutrition Hair damage care + play + recovery + multi clinic care + staining, pump implantation damage-resistant

How to use

1. Take necessary amount of ample and prepare same amount of water.
2. Put same amount of perfect filler into water so that it becomes 1:1 amount. *1 of water and 1 of perfect filler
3. Mix them well.
4. Take creamy filler and put all around of hair.
5. Take pin and tied up then cover entire head with plastic cap. (Leave it for around 20mins)
5.Or if you are using heating system, put plastic cap before you put electronic cap. (Leave it around 10mins)
6. After Step 5, rinse entire hair only with water. (Do not use any shampoo sources)
7.Styling your hair for last step!