SALE!!! THESAEM / Nail Wear (Base) - 7ml


AED 11
AED 11

- Base Coat Care nails to protect nails.
- Gel Top Coat Nail gel top coat that protects your nails and enhance the coloring or nail colors that follow.
- Nail Agent The facility, which will help keep nails strong, healthy and beautiful, no matter how often you painted nails.
- Peel Off Base Nail base that easily peels off and protects your nails.
- Cuticle Essential Oil Provides moisture and nutrients to your nails.
- Tone Up Pink Base Nail base that protects and vitalizes your nails.

How to use:

- Base Coat Before nail polish, apply onto nails and wait for it to dry.
- Gel Top Coat Take proper amount on the brush and apply it on your nails from bottom side to the top.
- Nail Agent Apply the product to the nails, update it every 4-5 days, removing the old layer of nail polish remover.
- Peel Off Base Paint on the base coat, apply polish as usual.
- Cuticle Essential Oil Apply the essential oil before nail polish or whenever necessary.
- Tone Up Pink Base You can use toned pink base alone to create a vibrant nail.


- Base Coat
- Gel Top Coat
- Nail Agent
- Peel Off Base
- Cuticle Essential Oil
- Tone Up Pink Base