Secret Key / Black Out Pore Bubbling Pack - 100g

Secret Key

AED 160
AED 160
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Knock the door of filled pore with bubbles! Bubbling system which empties pores and fill moisture. Absorb sebum with mud and charcoal, clean pores with carbonated bubbles! - 3 core components of Black Out Pore Bubbling Pack. Charcoal : Outstanding impurities removal and control sebum secretion. Carbonated water : Pore care and blood circulation improvement. Mud : Plenty of minerals supply moisture and absorb impurities under skin. - Multi-effect washoff pack for pore care Pore clean system : Charcoal and mud components absorb sebum and impurities to clean out the pores. Pore tightening system : Fine bubble tightens empty pores to complete the resilient skin. Pore moisturizing system : Hyaluronic acid moisturizes the skin and collagen component helps skin care. Pore soothing system : Aloe and green tea components soothes the skin. Brightening system : Carbonated bubble effect improves complexion.

How to use

1. Apply the adequate amount on the face except for eyes and lips like cream. (Abundant bubbles might form if you apply thickly)
2. Wait for about 3~5minutes until the bubbles start to foam.
3. Softly massage with finger tips when dense and abundant bubbles are all foamed.
4. Lightly cleanse the face with lukewarm water.