Secret Key / Multi Cell Night RePAir Eye Cream - 15g

Secret Key

AED 117
AED 117
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2015 Brand new productby LG ReEn Yungo.
Including moisture factor (bird nest ingredients) supplies moist to your scalp.
Bird's nest ingredients have lots of amino acid, so it makes your scalp & hair healthy.
Moisture factor in care keep them moisturized.
Bird's nest fork-tailed Petrel moisturizing seaweed that contain high levels of amino acids, Son of loose hair because they stick a constant water filled with moist.
A lively and very healthy scalp.
STRESSED vitality of the bird's nest as energy and more healthy scalp.
Bulb weight 100 mortar component of an all-in-one care.
Nine out of the raw material for 100 high dried that they tried to take good care of his scalp and hair with nutrients at a time management.

How to use

That takes a moderate amount of content in the hand offwet hair and scalp massage, and should make suds after a moderate to rinse to clean water.