SKINMISO / Pore Beauty Nose Pack - 1pack (10pcs)


AED 161
AED 161
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Effectively remove blackheads which widen pores and keep pores healthier.

How to use

Step 1. Apply the Step 1 mask to your nose after cleansing and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. If your skin is sensitive, remove the strip earlier than 10 minutes. This mask works to open up your pores and bring sebum to the surface. Remove mask and use a cotton swab or the SKINMISO Comedo Remover to gently remove sebum from your pores. Step
2. Apply the Step 2 nose strip to your nose and wait 15 minutes. This mask works to tighten back up the opened pores. Step
3. Rub a small amount of Pore Beauty Silky Essence onto your nose. The Essence will help to curb sebum build up.