Sooryehan / Hyobidam Fermented Anti Wrinkle Essential Cream Set - 1pack (2items)


AED 609
AED 609
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* HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Essential Cream Essence type cream used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on skin inclined to wrinkles on the face. Soft application on skin helps smooth absorption and fast adherence of ingredients with a subtle sensation of warmness to firm loosened skin. * HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Patch Special product to stick around eye area, mouth or cheek with appearance of deep wrinkles. This anti-wrinkle functional patch, impregnated with highly concentrated essence water, reduces the appearance of fine lines while providing intensive hydration to skin. [


] HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Essential Cream - 40ml HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Patch - 4pcs

How to use

* HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Essential Cream After using the Hyobidam Fermentation Essence, spread over the eye area and nasolabial folds and lightly press with fingertips. * HYOBIDAM Fermented Anti-wrinkle Patch After using Fermentation Anti-wrinkle Cream, open the pouch of this product and remove films stuck to both sides of the patch. Adhere to skin under eyes, tail of eyes and nasolabial folds gently. Remove the patch after for about 15 minutes and lightly pat for absorption of the remaining juice on face.