Sulwhasoo / Age Defying Cream - 40ml


AED 804
AED 804
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Moisturizing anti-aging care for youthful and firm skin. Anti-aging ingredient found in Ginseng Seed Oil. Ginseng Seed Oil in the Age Defying Cream fortifies the skin resilience and boosts its own defensive barrier for younger, stronger skin. [Wrinkle Correcting] Long-lasting moisture without stickiness. The nourishing and rich texture absorbs into the skin quickly, providing long-lasting moisture without excess shine or stickiness. - Relaxing tired skin with a deep and rich woody fragrance. The woody scent, with pine, aloeswood and white sandalwood base notes, exudes a poised and confident aroma of modern masculinity, and delivers a sense of relaxation and stability.

How to use

Use after the Inner Charging Serum, Pump 1 to 2 times onto your palm, and apply gently to your entire face.