Sulwhasoo / Hydro Aid moisturizing Soothing Cream - 50ml


AED 804
AED 804
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A refreshing & hydrating touch from Birch Sap. Moisture treatment by Hydro-aid Moisturizing Soothing Cream. Distressed skin needs a soothing and hydrating treat. Sulwhasoo has created a unique moisture treatment, taking you away from the parched city life to a refreshing walk into birch woods. The Birch Sap helps cool and soothe the tired skin from other irritants. Extracted once a year in Spring, Birch sap extracted from deep within the tree creates a cooling layer and provides relaxation for stressed skin. Rich moisture cream for rejuvenating and long-lasting hydration. Known for an ingredient rich in moisture, Liriope Platyphylla helps keep skin deeply hydrated. Ginseng Sprouts strengthen the skin barrier to maintain long-lasting moisture. Spreads with a cooling feeling and absorbs evenly into the skin for a gentle finish. The fresh clean fragrance takes you on a walk through a forest, while the smooth texture spreads coolness and absorbs evenly into the skin for a gentle finish.

How to use

It will take the appropriate amount Blend gently along the skin texture