Sulwhasoo / Hydro Aid Moisturizing Soothing Mist - 100ml


AED 375
AED 375
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Purslane and Adhesive Rehmannia moisturize and calm your skin. Helps instantly refresh and moisturize tired skin. The birch sap helps gently soothe and hydrate the skin, while delivering a cooling and refreshing sensation. Moisturizing and soothing facial mist for long lasting moisture. The Liriope muscari extract and GinSprout, two of Sulwhasoo's signature ingredients, deliver long lasting rich moisture to the skin. Smooth texture and refreshing scent for comfortable skin. It sprays evenly at a wider angle, giving the skin a sense of comfort. The refreshing scent delivers peace and serenity as if walking through a beautiful forest.

How to use

Use regularly when your face feels dry. Hold the mist 20cm away, close your eyes and gently spray your entire face.