Sulwhasoo / Radiance Blusher - 10g


AED 536
01 Pink Harmony
02 Coral Harmony
AED 536
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A multi color blusher that adds the brightness of vitality. Blooming with bright vitality. The quality of skin enhanced with vitality and radiance. This highlighter + blusher contains three tones in one for natural vitality and shading in addition to the highlighting effect for extra adiance. The secret of natural vitality. Bloominous Pearl Powder born with Sulwhasoo's original color science brings clarity and radiance to the skin as the red plum blossoms that bloom with extreme vitality. Brush for effective makeup. Sulwhasoo's luxurious brush with softness and resilience helps with easy makeup.

How to use

Use a brush to blend all colors of powder and sweep toward the center of face from the outer part of the cheekbones 2 3 times. If you want to look livelier, blend around the darker flower part to apply one more time on the depress part under the cheekbones. For a more radiant skin tone and glow, gently sweep over the forehead, the bridge of nose, under eye area, and chin area as a highlighter to add definition to the face.


-01 Pink Harmony
-02 Coral Harmony