TRUE ISLAND / Alaska Glacier Water Ultra Moisture Mask - 1pack (10pcs)


AED 268
AED 268
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Really waterful facial mask helps strengthen natural skin barrier by effectively supplying moisture to the skin, as it contains Alaskan glacial water rich in natural minerals and hyaluronic acid which has an excellent ability in hydrating. Containing Glacial Water (0.01%) * Sheet is made of nature-friendly 100% natural cellulose from cotton seeds. * Tight-fitting deep hydration sheet with a superior ability to retain moisture and nourishment. * Intensive care sheet containing the full effect from an entire bottle of serum.

How to use

1. Wash face, organize skin with skin toner.
2. Take out mask, and adjust sheet to attach sheet onto face.
3. After 15-20 minutes of rest, take of mask.
4. Tap face until the remaining essence is absorbed into the skin.