Wish Formula / C450 Bubble Peeling Pad - 1pack (4pcs)


AED 330
AED 330
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Dual Peeling System with Fermented Peeling Pad & Solution (Patent) removes skin impurities and dead cells. Pure Vitamin C 450mg and Fermented Botanical Extracts deeply absorb into resurfaced skin after exfoliation for Brightened & Glowing skin. It is designed to work as Professional Spa Program (Body Peel + Vitamin Treatment) but yet easy for everyone to use at home.

How to use

1. Create rich bubble with the pad by squeezing it. Proceed to the next step with clean, damp body.
2. Rub the body (back, arms and legs) with fiber side around 3 to 5 minutes. Wash thoroughly with water if the solution gets into the eyes.
3. After exfoliation, flip over the band part. Use the soft side of the pad to pat Vitamin contents into the skin and rinse off.